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Web Development

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Web development

Your website is the heart of your business on the web. Choosing the best web development company is the first step towards it. It’s the initial place where potential employees go to, to get a gist of your business or organization, your past achievements, your credibility, and your future commitments.

It is therefore very much important that you create a website that provides you an asset in the long run. As the saying goes 'The first impression is the last impression’, making your website an eye-candy is very crucial in the present-day scenario. As a web development company, Zmedios has so much to offer with its web development services provided you make the right choice.

We at Zmedios give you a wide variety of options to choose from depending upon your Creative and Business needs.

To provide your great services is our only goal and to help you in achieving greater business heights with our tools and services.

Web development services involve the following steps: designing, building, integrating, scaling, and maintaining. Web design services include creating interactive websites, e-commerce solutions that help in a firm's growth and bring its agendas to fruition.

Web development services involve the following steps: designing, building, integrating, scaling, and maintaining. Web design services include creating interactive websites, e-commerce solutions that help in a firm's growth and bring its agendas to fruition.Take a Look at what we can make for you and choose what suits you the most.

CMS Websites

We are the leading Web development agency in the market who have worked on the CMS website for zillionth Customers all over the world. Let us tell you what is a CMS, abbreviated from Content Management System.

CMS Website is that website that is specifically tailored for you. With the help of CMS websites, you can connect to your clients and prospects more effectively as you have access to change and update all content by yourself at any time.

To make a great Client experience for your users we create CMS websites using -
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Shopify

After completion, it will need less Technical support and you can easily manage your website even if you are not Tech-Savy.

PHP and JS Based Websites

Custom High-Performance open source websites are the core specialty of Zmedios Tech. Most of our clients who are connected to us tell the world about how they got a boom after getting their business done by our Expert Team.

We understand your demands and bring the best version of the website to you. In past, we experience designing and developing more than 120+ websites for our customers who were having businesses in Travels, Tourism, Hotel, cafes, BPO, shops, Real Estate, in general we mean we have done it for various people and have done it quite beautifully. Don’t trust us to check what our clients have to say about us.

We use advanced technologies such as PHP7, JavaScript, Angular, etc, or developing great websites for you. Our Highly professional 3 step research process makes the costing of development low and gives you a website that’s up to your mark.

E-commerce Development

Who doesn’t buy online now?

Be true to yourself and answer that in today's scenario everyone is looking for products online and expecting them on time as well.

If you are into selling or shops you must have thought of taking your business online. It’s the High Time to take it online with the end of the Pandemic people's interest in shopping online have skyrocketed, they are clicking for everything they need whether it be Groceries to a piano.

With our expertise, you can take your store online and get higher profits at low expenditure. Our PHP, JS, Magneto, Shopify services are a highly recommended technological choice for e-commerce.

We have created more than 10 e-commerce Apps and Numerous websites for Clients selling groceries to Gold jewelry.Taking your business online is a great way to connect to people and bring a boom to it.

Check our Project History for learning more about our previous work in an E-commerce store. Nothing better can be your choice instead of getting your E-commerce website development done by development experts of Zmedios Tech.

Deploy Support

Deploying means extending in width. Something that is overlooked by a lot of developers after creating the website is its deployment which is very crucial to the business. Website deployment refers to the process that is done after you have developed the website, making sure it works when run on the live server.

Deployment in software means making changes or updates from one to another deployment environment. Usually, website deployment takes three to four months and we at Zmedios make sure you get it on time working with the professionals.

Some basic steps for the smooth deployment of a website are:
  • Preparation: Have access to DNS record management or know the people to contact.
  • Set-up DNS records: Set-up the DNS records and make sure all the settings are correct.
  • Set-up a live testing site: Set-up and test the website on the production server.
  • Set-up E-mail accounts: Set-up e-mail.
  • Backup and go live: Backup the old site and deploy the new one.

Hosting Support

To get a website working and live on the Internet you need to get your website hosted. Websites are hosted on servers. Most companies want you to own your domain to work with them. Websites are hosted by web hosts. Web hosts are companies that rent out services and technologies to host a website.

Eventually, when the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser. You can buy a domain name without hosting. If you build a website without hosting it, registering for domain names will serve no purpose.

It is even possible to host a site from home but it will not be worth the effort. Hence we at Zmedios provide you with the best Hosting and deployment services that will never leave you disappointed. We render you the most cost-effective services that you won't regret. Out potential client's trust is what makes our name.

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