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Mobile App Development


Mobile App Development

The Mobile App development team at Zmedios will help you in getting the most out of app development technology to bring you an unmatched lead from others in the market.We have been said to be the best mobile app development company by our numerous clients and sources and the reason is our consistent best results with our each development. We have worked on developing Android and iOS application for Businesses and Requirement of the various domain.

Today every service you can imagine is just a tap away everyone around us carry a smartphone with them and look into it basically for everything, believe us "everything".

Apps are the modern Billboards and the shops of the Digital market you can be available to people 24*7and sky-rocket your businessesApps are the modern Billboards and the shops of the Digital market you can be available to people 24*7and sky-rocket your businesses.

Digital Marketing

If you know about every benefit of having your Application on the Playstore and Appstore

What’s stopping you from taking yourself to the world. Let everyone avail of your service and be a tap away from all your customers with Smartphone applications made just for you and your users.

Smartphone App helps you in increased and easy Business accessibility for your users and create a family of loyal and happy customers.

If you wondering why you should have an app if you are having a service then click on the banner and learn how Apps have shaped ideas to business and existing businesses to Ventures.

Our Android and iOS App development teams carry out a very detailed study of your idea and product and understand your need to bring a cutting edge solution as an Android or iOS App for you and people connecting to you.

Based on your functional and business need we provide practically the BEST.

Android App development

Experts at Zmedios have excelled as Android app development company in making Crisp and Perfect Android Apps of various kinds.

Name it and we have made one in Social media, Hotel, Recreational, Tours and Travels, Real Estate, and many other domains.

We boast and are very proud of our pricing and performances when compared with other Android App development companies in the market. Our step to step development process makes it possible for us to plan and execute a perfect app for you every time you need it.

Since our starting in 2013 as an App development agency Android Apps have been Forte’s and still remains our best area of function which are continuing with best android developers working together to form a great team.

Our development process starts with getting your vision into our account and getting back to you with the plan and suggestion which suits the most.

Our Process-Flow involves the following steps to give you the best results -
1. Requirement Gathering

Our Business Development Executive will get in contact with you to gather all the information and vision you have for your Application. After getting the whole idea and sharing it with our Subject Matter Expert We create a perfect map of what are things to be done and refine the idea from just an idea to a full-fledged business product.

2. Documenting the Plan

Once we have created a plan for how the app should function we move forward to document it has a homogenous flow of work throughout the development cycle also we share milestone report with you so that you are always aware of what’s happening with the application.

3. Creating Layout and designs

Creating Designs is a task that needs to be done more craftily and carefully than any other step of the development process. Based on your given vision we make the right style of design for the android app and share it with you to get it finalized and create a final App design for your Application.

4. Android App development

With this step, we start creating and coding all android app assets such as app mockups, animations, basic app mechanics, UI formats, and others. Compile them together and provide you the first draft of your app based on your feedback we work on it further and present to you the app you have always wanted.

5. Submission

Submission involves QA testing, Full Android Submission, deploying it on Google play store.

iOS App development

Make an elite mark on your customers and users with coming of the age iOS applications. Our Mobile App Developers with more than 15 years of experience in iOS App development brings your idea to life every time you share one.

Our Expertise in Objective-C and Swift5 are highly recommended technologies when it comes to native iOS Development. With more than 20+ successful iOS projects we take a boast in being one of the most innovative iOS App development agencies in the market.

Our team comprising of great designers and developers brings operability, sustainability, and creativity to your iOS Apps which create a positive remark on every user of yours.

Every time we create an iOS App we make sure they are best in design and provide a great experience to the user installing it on their phone.

To have a hassle-free development and deployment of your iOS App hiringZmedios Tech would best decision for you and be assured of every word we say.

Our BDE will connect to you regarding the initiation of your App development once he/she have collected all data and vision from you about your dream iOS App we refine your idea to make it a product with fits your vision and technical superiority.

A Blueprint for the functionality and results is documented which will help you track every process within the development cycle.

It starts with the designs

As Apple devices are known for its design and durability we believe your app should match the standard moreover create the standards. To do so we start by creating multiple design mockups for you which will cater to your customers' taste and add a badge to our streak of great iOS app development.

As an iOS App development team, we are highly dedicated to making designs that feel great among all the devices across the iOS platform whether it be Iphones or Ipads. Based upon your need and plans .

Technical aspects are always our prime objectives

With careful planning of the technical and workflow aspects, we start with developing and coding various app assets such as function, mockups, animation, data structures, and many others.

Once they are done we Combine and compile all the things together and share your Vision with you. As per your feedback if suggested reworks are done and very soon you have your iOS App deployed and active on Apple Appstore.

We take a deep dive into understanding client requirements and tailoring the best design and development for them based on the target audience and client's vision. Once we have gone through all the requirements and matched all the metrics we start working on your app.

You will understand why we are the best in class iOS app development agency for years.

Cross Platform App development

Cross-Platform Apps are great at cutting the cost of your development and still get the best results. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option to connect to your clients or get more users without putting a huge sum of money into App development Cross-Platform Apps are your perfect choice.

Zmedios Tech helps you in connecting you to various customers and users across numerous Smartphone Platforms existing in time. We provide you Applications that work on different platforms smoothly and robustly.

Though Native Applications have their own benefits but advantages of Cross-Platform Application can not be neglected. It provides many leads that can sky-rocket your presence with-in your folks.

  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance after deployment
  • Functional across platforms
  • Timely delivered

As an Mobile Application Development Compnay, we provide a lot of options to choose from, using which you can get your App done without having to pay much from your pocket.

We start by choosing which platforms best suit your vision and create a Blueprint for your idea.Depending upon your user scattering we start the development process starts.

Our Experts provide you following App development options-

  • Cross-platform app development
  • Multi-platform application
  • Cross-platform responsive web app

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